CXPay Integration with Odoo

CXPay Integration with Odoo is nothing but third party payment gateway Integration within Odoo that is with Odoo website. Here we can provide facility to customer to create their website in Odoo with Shop.


Customer can order online and process payment from Odoo with the use of CXPay Integration.  Please note Odoo does not store any sensitive information regarding your credit card. everything will be stored in third party gateways and managed from there.


Please check steps below:


1)Go to “Settings—–>Payments—–>Payment Acquirers” for configuration and set up .







2) We can see Payment Acquirer configuration in this page.




3) We can add username and password for configuration.




4) Go to “Accounting—–>Journals—–>Journals”, you will see the following webpage



5) Select Default debit and Credit Account…..



6) Now all the configurations are done for CXPay. 



7) Click on product named “Test” or camera icon and go for add to cart option.



8) Hit on “Add to Cart”  and add products in cart…




9) Hit on “Process Checkout” button —> Add Billing and Shipping Address —> Confirm….




10 )After hitting on “Confirm” button we can go for payment processing…..



11) Click on “Cxpay” option and fill out necessary Information….




12) Validate the information for payment processing…..



13) After completing this process orders gets confirmed…….



14) To track the order in odoo, go to “Sales——>Sales——>Sales Orders”




15) Edit the orders and check payment acquirer updated with transactions…






16) You can check saved Transaction Id in CXPay Transaction Details tab in Odoo.



17 ) Copy this “Transaction ID” and login to CXpay account




18) Here click on “Reports”, paste the copied “Transaction ID” to text box and finally click on “Submit” button.

This will give you entire information regarding your payment….




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Sale Order Mapping and Import through CSV files for Particular Shop

Sale Order Mapping and Import through CSV files for Particular Shop

There can be a Situation where we can not directly Import Orders from Market Place.We get exported files through which we can import Sale order in Odoo. We have solution for it please see below steps:

Install our customize Sales Order Mapping Module.

Once you Install this Module Under Sales Tab—> Configuration—> Sales—> Sales Order Mapping



After that We have to create configuration for particular shop for Mapping and Importing



Now you can see fields which are required to map from CSV files.



Now you can use wizard to select Shop and Related CSV files for Importing Sales Order in Odoo.





Once you use this Do mapping Button it will create Orders as Quotation.This Order can be imported as confirmed Sale Order or paid order based on configuration done for particular shop.


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Integration of Ebay Messages With Odoo

Advance Feature of Ebay : We have introduced advanced feature in our Ebay connector called Ebay Messaging.In this feature we import Ebay messages from Ebay store into Odoo and we can reply on that same message from Odoo back to Ebay Store.


Please find document for Ebay Messaging:

Step 1: In this feature we will have button called “Import Customer Messages” which will bring all ebay messages of customers.




Step 2: All Ebay Messages will appear under Sales 



Step 3: We can reply to sender of the Ebay messages from Odoo itself.



Step 4: This is a Reply wizards which will have enough information for recipients of this message.



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Magento Odoo Integration

Features available:
1) Importing Of Orders into Odoo from Magento
2) Updating the Order status
3) Listing Items with Images
4) Import / Export stock and prices
5) Import Product/Images from Magento

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Our Magento connector is available for Odoo Version 9.

We have also Developed Magento connector for Version 2.0. 



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