Helpdesk Ticket Creation / Commision Module Odoo version 9.0


Here in this module we have developed a feature for any employer who can assign task to his contractors or employee based on ticket creation. This module also helps in providing commissions to distributor,agents or whoever brings customer(Business) in Organization.


Step 1: Create customer from website while registration.



Step 2: In Sales –> Customer –>

Customer is created, it can be differentiated that customer is created from website through checkbox.

Note: By default in odoo,is a customer field is always checked so that customer can show in Sales order–> customer.


Step 3: we can create customer from sales –> customer

Also distributor or agents can be assigned to that customer inside the customers.


when we want to give commision to any customer or that customer itself , we have to check customer reffered field.

Then in customer/distributor dropdown field,all customers will show(that has is a customer field checked inside it.)




When we check this Distributor —> distributor information (new tab opens)

In Customer/Distributor field only distributor name will shows and that will get commission. As this field is associated with commission module.

Step 4: when distributor information tab is open, on check of distributor, these fields are shown and has to be filled.


Step 5:To create user, go to Settings –> Users

Assign Companies to user and give access

— project –> User

contractor –> checked


Step 6:Create Warehouse Manager (also user) , assign Companies to user and give access.

— project –> User

Ticket –> checked

Warehouse –> checked


  Step 7: Now start creating Sales Orders


Step 8: On confirm sale – delivery box opens, there we can do stock / delivery part.

Click on create invoice and then wizard (box) will open.


Step 9:on click of create invoice button, invoice will create and also ticket is created which is assigned to Warehouse Manager as it has access of ticket(checkbox).



Now login with warehouse manager username and password.

Step 10: In warehouse manager we can see ticket, go to

customer registration –> Ticket


Step 11: In ticket there is Assigned to field in users which are contractor is shown and we assigned to one of them .

Above Ticket form, Approval button is there , when all fields are filled then save it and click on approve button.

Assign approval box will be checked , we can understand that it is assigned.

On approval, mail will be send to contractor for detail ticket confirmation. Also Task is created to the assigned contractor side.


Step 12: Now login with contractor, go to Project –> Tasks

Assigned task is shown.


Step 13:When we checked that task is created and it is there, then click on accept state so that ticket assigner and even warehouse manager gets mail that it is accepted.



Step 14: When all task field is filled up then change it to confirmed state.

Again mail will be send to warehouse and ticket assigner.




Step 15: For commission part , we have menu.

Go to Dashboard –> Commissions

Create commissions type which is shown in

Sales –> Customer —> Distributor information tab

there you have to select any one commission type.


Step 16:go to settle commission for settlement.

Here add any one agent and inside distributor is defined to whom commission will be given.

We are adding that customer which has distributor, that is need to be assigned.





Step 17 :select date range and click on make invoice


Step 18:Wizard (box) will open, select vendor bills which is supplier there commission will be shown to that assigned distributor.


Step 19 :In sales order, below total commission is calculated.


Step 20:Now above commission will be shown in ,

Accounting –> Vendor Bills

Here commission is assigned to respective distributor.


This was all regarding Ticket Creation , Email notification, Task creation and Commission.

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