Payment using in Odoo 9.0

Payment using


This odoo module developed by Teckzilla provides amazing functionality of making transactions in odoo.

The configuration is stored at the customer level. You can create a new customer from Sales -> Sales -> Customers menu.


We must provide the Email id for a customer

There is tab here, where some important details are stored. It has Profile ID, Payment ID, Address ID. These info will be populated automatically that is mentioned in the next section.


Go to Sales -> Sales -> Sales Orders. Create a sale order. NB:- We must have a stock able product.


We would then need to confirm the Sale order


Create invoice for this Sale order


This creates a draft invoice for the above Sale order


Validate the invoice


Make the payment for the invoice. Click on Register Payment


Select the Payment Method. Check the Payment Through button.
If the customer is making transaction for the very first time, system redirects the user to another tab where he can add payment details


NB:- We need to allow the browser open up the pop-ups for that.

We can see the button, Click to open Payment Form.


Click on this button.

System fetches details of the customer from odoo like Name, Address, Contact Number. Now we need to add new Payment Method.


To add the details click on Add a new Payment Method link. It opens a form where you can provide the card details.


Once all fields  are filled up, click on Save button.


Go back to odoo invoice. Click on Validate button


We can see the invoice is now in Paid state. We can see the payment details under Payments tab in the invoice.

The system don’t asks for credit card details for making transactions. As well as, next time the transactions need to be made, no need to go through the same process.

As system have already captured necessary details for a customer. You can check the same from Contacts -> Customer -> tab.


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