Advantages of Processmaker

Processmaker is Business Process Management(BPM) Tool for small to medium size Organisations which has following advantages over other Open source tools:

1) Optimize Processes

2) Increase productivity and reduce Operational costs.

3) Low Cost Open Source

4) Easy and Fast Deployment and Development.

5) Key Performance Indicator.

6) Reduce paperwork and automate notifications.

7) Drag and Drop Interface.

8) Useful in Admin and Finance,Operations and IT,Human Resource,Marketing and Sales, Education and Government related areas.

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Features of Processmaker

We have following features in Processmaker(BPM) Tools :

1) Dynaforms

2) Users and Roles

3) Groups

4) Tiggers

5) Functions

6) Process Permission

7) Assignment Rule

8) Process Permission

9) Process Supervisor

10) Sub-Processes

11)Web Entry

12) Case Tracker

13) Javascript

14) Rest API

15)OAuth 2.0

16) HTML 5.0


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About Processmaker

Processmaker is workflow and Business Process Management(BPM) Software Tool and it is Open source. Processmaker is very useful for small to medium-sized organizations for creating different processes based on approval system which includes Finance,HR and Operations.By using processmaker we can design forms,create documents,create users and roles and create routing rules.

Processmaker can be integrated with business intelligence (BI), content management (CMS), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.Processmaker has been in great demand in Financial and Insurance Related Companies.In many government applications also Processmaker has been Implemented.


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