How To Setup Incoming And Outgoing Mail Server On Odoo

In this tutorial will be learning how to setup mail servers on Odoo using Gmail account.

Configuring mail server is one of the easiest thing in odoo,just follow the below steps.
Step 1:
First goto >setting>email>incoming mail server


I have already setup one entry ,so you can create new and setup using your gmail credentials.
Lets have a short description of some mandatory fields.
Server Type : Select the type of server to use (POP,IMAP,SMTP)
Server Name : Enter the name of the pointer ,that will poiint to POP server
Port : The Port of your SMTP server (for eg: port 465 for Gmail)
SSL/TLS : The type of security,keep this field Checked ,so the data would send over HTTPS
Login Information : Enter Your Gmail Id and password.

After Filling all the fields,just click on Test and Confirm.It will Test the connection using all the filled values  and confirm it only if values are appropriate(See the below Image).

This was all about the Odoo Incoming mail server.So Let us begin with are next step on how to setup Outgoing mail server.


Goto >settings>email>Outgoing mail server.
Here i have already created one as an example ,you can setup your own.

Example of Outgoing Mail Server


Short Description of mandatory fields.
Description : Enter a unique name for your mail server
SMTP Server : The Pointer to your SMTP server,(for example :
SMTP Port : The port of your SMTP server
Connection security : The type of security,keep this field Checked ,so the data would send over HTTPS
Username : Enter your Gmail login id
Password : Enter your Gmail password.

Once all the ,mandatory values are filled.Save the record and Check whether connection is successfull.If the connection is successfull ,odoo will auto sent mail to specified Gmail ID.

You can setup Auto Mail sender in odoo under Settings>Automation>Scheduled Action>Search for “Fecthmail Server” and set the time gap.

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