Odoo Authorize.net Integration

Odoo Authorize.net Integration


Authorize.net is one of the most popular payment service in today’s world.
Odoo is Integrated with Authorize.net to seemlessly carry out payment operation within Odoo and without login into your Authorize.net Accout.
You can charge the customer within odoo Invoices real time.
Refund can also be processed within odoo without having Logged into the Authorize.net Account.

Authorize.net module is developed on basis of CIM module , where credit card information is not stored in Odoo and it is entered on Authorize.net Platform within Odoo Iframe.

Odoo Stores the Customer ID of Authorize.net and all the future transaction will be performed based on CIM ID without creditcard Information.


Step 1: Add Products And Checkout



Step 2: Add Billing and Shipping Addresses




Step 3: Select Addresses and Confirm





Step 4:  Choose Payment Method



Step 5: Add Payment Information




Step 6:  Confirm Payment





Step 7: Order Gets Confirmed





Step 8:  Transaction Id of Authorize Payment




For more information:-
Contact:- sales@teckzilla.net


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